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PSO Brand

PSO Brand成立于2015年,全为“PlacidSurface. Ost” 含义为 「平静表面与原声轨道 」。PlacidSurface:意味着即使世上事物如何在变化,也能平静认真地对待服饰的工艺与面料,坚持做出高质量产品。Ost:原始声音轨道,即原声。通俗来讲,就是一首歌曲或者音乐第一次出现在某种媒体中。PSO Brand将这种含义运用在服装上,在追求品质舒适度与细节基础上让每件服装都拥有独特的设计思维与观赏性,将日常所见的事物通过思考性的创新赋予服饰更多意义。
PSO Brand was founded in 2015 which stands for "Placid Surface. Ost". Placid Surface is a symbol of the peaceful mental state we hold to treat the craft and materials of garment design and to stick to the production of high-quality works. Ost is the abbreviation of an original soundtrack, which usually refers to a song or a piece of music appearing in some kind of media for the first time. We apply this concept to garment design and reinvest garment with more meaning by creative thinking over daily routine.

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