独立设计品牌BULLSHIT LAB(废话实验室)由主理人&设计师CHiLL创立于2011年的广州,"PUT IDEAS IN THE RIGHT PLACE",倡导把想法放在正确的地方是“废话实验室”的本意,产品只是载体。

BULLSHIT LAB一直以美式复古风格为主导融入品牌产品设计当中,整体风格风格以大胆鲜明的配色融入多种街头复古元素,以基本款为主导产品,坚持团队的独立态度和高质素的制作水准,把生活中无聊谈吐的"馊主意"作为根本的设计灵感,

“PUT IDEAS IN THE RIGHT PLACE”把想法放在正确的地方,是其一直坚持的设计理念,文化源于生活,保持真诚。

Originating from Guangzhou,China in the year 2011,"BUIISHIT LAB' have been converting,the American street style into their brand."PUT IDEAS IN THE RIGHT PLACE'is lived with every breathe and transcends through their designs.The general style is bold,bright and a vast range of street elements.Basing vintage American wear throughout their entire serieswhiles keeping quality with traditional crafts and methods.You can only be satisfied with the design and product.

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